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photo of Maurice Grossano, Hair Stylist Maurice Grossano
The Loft Las Vegas
8689 W. Charleston Blvd. Suite 111
Las Vegas, NV, 89117 USA
(702) 243-2003

As a young man I wanted to find a career that I could love so much that I would never go to work again. My search for that career took me through a varied path of different fields. I did everything from automotive repairs, a variety of construction fields, a music store owner and even a licensed insurance agent. But, it wasn’t until I found the beauty industry that I found my dream.

Today I do not work; instead I get to help my clients attain their ultimate goal of beautiful healthy hair. Whether it is long hair, curly hair or straight hair my personal goal is to help you achieve your personal goal.

I cannot believe that I have almost two decades of the beauty industry under my belt already and I look forward to the next two decades

Maurice Grossano