Staff Bios


  • Kristine Blackwood, Hair Stylist / OwnerKristine Blackwood - Hair Stylist / Owner

    As owner of The Loft and full-time hair stylist, Kristine works hard to raise the standard of the... (read more)

  • Amber Curbow, Hair StylistAmber Curbow - Hair Stylist

    Amber embodies the talent of a true visionary.  For close to a decade, she has been piecing the... (read more)

  • Ashley Caruolo, Hair Stylist / Make-up ArtistAshley Caruolo - Hair Stylist / Make-up Artist

    Ashley is a Hair Stylist / Make-up Artist at our salon.

  • Brittney Leavitt, Hair Stylist/Lash Extension SpecialistBrittney Leavitt - Hair Stylist/Lash Extension Specialist

    Brittney is an experienced hairstylist and lash extension specialist who loves working with her... (read more)

  • Camilla Johanson, Hair StylistCamilla Johanson - Hair Stylist

    Camilla is a Hair Stylist at our salon.

  • Celia Briceño, Hair StylistCelia Briceño - Hair Stylist

    Celia is a talented stylist who specializes in precision cutting and styling. Her cuts are... (read more)

  • Chelsea McTiernan, Hair StylistChelsea McTiernan - Hair Stylist

    Chelsea is a Hair Stylist at our salon.

  • Christian Kaufman, Hair StylistChristian Kaufman - Hair Stylist

    Christian is a Hair Stylist at our salon.

  • Julie Beaver, Hair StylistJulie Beaver - Hair Stylist

    Julie is a Hair Stylist at our salon.

  • Ki Rhynard, Hair StylistKi Rhynard - Hair Stylist

    My name is Ki. I've been doing hair for the past seven years. I work with all Paul Mitchell... (read more)

  • Oggi Romero, Hair StylistOggi Romero - Hair Stylist

    I have been doing hair since 1995, and it’s my life passion. I love to create, beautify,... (read more)

  • Quincey Collins, Hair Stylist / Salon Assistant Quincey Collins - Hair Stylist / Salon Assistant

    Quincey is a Hair Stylist / Salon Assistant at our salon.